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SKIA has made a revolutionary breakthrough in computer vision and AI to make the medical AR experience most seamless and intuitive for surgeons, physicians, and patients.



SKIA is utilizing AI solutions to create a more precise and safer surgical environment.


The seamless AR experience that you are looking for.

Just with a single scan, our AI identifies key features in human body to project the internal anatomy on the patient.


Current AR systems in medical industry require installation of physical markers for computers to recognize. These markers guide the system to project the patient’s internal anatomy accurately on the body.

However, these markers are screwed into patient’s bone, causing extra harm and extending the surgery preparation process.

With SKIA, one scan is enough to project the anatomy accurately on the patient. 

Our AI reads the curvature of the skin and detects key features in human body. Just based on skin information, our SKIN AR aligns the anatomy exactly on the patient body. 

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