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KIMS Pioneers Use of AR, AI in Brain Tumour Surgery

Hyderabad: Brain tumour surgeries are complex procedures and human errors remain a cause of concern. To address this challenge, doctors at the KIMS Hospital, Secunderabad, have incorporated augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) into neurosurgery.

At a press conference, it was stated that Dr Manas Panigrahi, head of neurosurgery, KIMS Hospital, Secunderabad, had successfully performed 16 surgeries using a cutting-edge device developed by Korean firm, SKIA AR, combined with AI. “This marks a first in India and globally of utilising this technology for brain surgery,” Dr Panigrahi said.

In the past, brain tumour surgeries relied on complex preoperative planning and intraoperative navigation systems. This also meant higher cost of procedure and anaesthesia doses. However, SKIA's non-invasive, markerless solution enhances precision and is not expensive, doctors said.

SKIA generates a 3D digital replica of the patient's brain from CT scans, leveraging AI algorithms to overlay this digital twin onto the patient's anatomy in real-time. This approach provides surgeons helpful insights which helps them in precise surgical planning and execution, besides improving patient safety and outcomes.

Tim Kim, chief marketing officer at SKIA Korea, acknowledged Dr Panigrahi's pivotal role in adopting this technology for surgical procedures. “Dr Manas understood the technology and the impact of its application on the outcomes both for the surgeons and the patients,” Tim said.

“His team expanded upon the basic projection, adding critical details wherever necessary in collaboration with the SKIA team leading to significant technological advancement of the device making it attuned to the requirements of surgeons,” he said.

Dr Panigrahi, recognising the need for statistically significant proof of success for the adoption of the technology, conducted 15 procedures to assess SKIA's accuracy and efficacy. "We proposed conducting 15 navigated procedures considered the gold standard number to compare accuracy, and none of the patients experienced complications. Moreover, all our residents quickly mastered the techniques.”

Deccan Chronicle, Reshmi AR, 2024-04-14

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