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Hyderabad: KIMS docs use Korean SKIA tech for AI-assisted neuro surgeries

Hyderabad: KIMS Hospital in Secunderabad has introduced SKIA, a Korean-based medical innovation fusion of Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), aimed at revolutionising brain tumour surgeries.

Dr Manas Panigrahi, head of Neurosurgery at KIMS Hospital, emphasised SKIA’s transformative potential, having successfully utilised it in 16 surgeries.

“A new device such as SKIA is proving to be very useful in brain surgeries. Unlike conventional methods that rely heavily on neuro-navigation systems, SKIA harnesses the power of AR and AI to offer a more flexible and intuitive approach,” Dr Panigrahi said.

Traditional brain tumour surgeries involve meticulous planning with MRI and CT scans, followed by intraoperative navigation.

SKIA provides a non-invasive, markerless solution that seamlessly integrates with existing imaging modalities, addressing challenges such as increased anaesthesia doses and procedural costs.

How does SKIA work?

Upon receiving a CT scan, SKIA generates a 3D digital replica of the patient’s brain, known as a digital twin. Leveraging AI algorithms, SKIA overlays this digital twin onto the patient’s anatomy in real time, providing surgeons with insights into tumour localisation and surrounding structures.

Furthermore, SKIA extends its applications to various medical specialties, facilitating comprehensive preoperative assessments for conditions such as cancer, while minimising radiation exposure for patients.

Dr Panigrahi said, “These new types of neurosurgeries represent a paradigm shift in surgical practice, setting a new standard for precision and efficiency.”

Tim Kim, chief marketing officer of SKIA Korea, elucidated on SKIA’s operation, highlighting its markerless AR technology and AI capabilities. He emphasized Skia’s navigation accuracy of 1.5 mm, well within the US FDA’s recommended standards, setting a new benchmark in surgical precision and patient care.

With SKIA’s integration, KIMS Hospital aims to enhance patient outcomes and reaffirm its commitment to pioneering innovation in healthcare.

NewsMeter, 2024-04-14

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